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Please be sure to contact your insurance for benefit coverage on Virtual Visits .

Most  insurances are no longer waiving  cost shares. 

You will be subject to  any co-pays, co-insurance or deductibles in accordance with your insurance plans 

  It is your responsibility to know your benefit information.   

Co-pays, co-insurance and deductible amounts will be collected same as office sessions. 

Telehealth Policy & Consent

To current clients: Your provider should have reached out to you regarding Telehealth services.  Psychological Associates, Inc. Consent and Policies must be completed prior to appointment.


New clients: Please contact the office to schedule an appointment. They will provide you with all paperwork, including the Telehealth Policy & Consent prior to your appointment. OR complete the online form.

Please NOTE:  Telehealth services are the same rates as office sessions. However, some health insurance, may not cover visits that are conducted via HIPAA- compliant Video platform.  If your benefits plans do not cover telehealth services, you will be responsible for those fees.  We recommend that you contact your health insurance to determine if coverage is provided for telehealth services.  In addition, we require a credit card agreement on file in order to participate in telehealth services. 

Telehealth also applies to our Cancellation Policy.  Your appointment time is being reserved for you. A $50.00 Cancellation fee will be billed to you if a cancellation is received with less than 24-hour notice.  $75.00 if you do not show for a scheduled appointment. This is NOT covered by insurance.


Psychological Associates, Inc is now using Blue Jeans, a secure video service the meets HIPAA standards of encryption and privacy for online sessions. We chose Blue Jeans because it’s very user friendly.

Blue Jeans supports joining meetings directly from multiple Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Opera). No download is required, just easy, instant meetings directly from any of the supported Browsers.

This is great for first-time guests, those in lock-down environments that do not allow application installs, and those using older systems that may not support the Desktop App. We recommend that Moderators and frequent participants download and install our Desktop App for the best meeting experience.
To start the join process, check your meeting invitation for a Join Meeting button or BlueJeans URL, or manually enter the Meeting ID from our website (top-right of

There may be a prompt to install the BlueJeans app on the first join attempt.

To use the browser instead of the app, click on the Join with Browser button located at the bottom of the join page.

Once you start to join, enter your name if you wish. (This is a one-time activity until Browser cookies are cleared. After that, logged-in users and repeat users will not be challenged for Name. This can be changed in the Meeting Roster later).

Disconnections may occur. If we get disconnected, Your Provider will restart the session on their side.  Your Provider will call you if more than 5 minutes have elapsed.

We look forward to meeting with you using this technology. If you have any questions, feel free to call the office 412-486-2948 x 100.


Refreshing your computer before a session is a good idea especially if you’ve used other applications during the day that utilize your speakers/camera/microphone - not required but it’s often helpful with some systems.

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